Oakley brings a new clarity to your riding

by Paul Keitelman


To the naked eye, all sports eyewear may seem the same. Sleek lines and bright colors dominate the market of sports eyewear, but that is where the similarities end. Your $20 gas station sunglasses may do the trick, but try this. Walk into any retail store that carries high end eyewear, put on a pair, and the difference will be clear. While there are many of these companies out there, but none push the boundaries of what is possible like Oakley does. In 1975, James Jannard started Oakley selling moto grips made of Unobtanium- a super tacky rubber still used in their sunglasses today. From there, the company has expanded across several sports categories and has become a manufacturer of premium eyewear, apparel, equipment and more.

You may be thinking to yourself: “I’ve heard of Oakley, but their products are really expensive!” Not an uncommon thought when eyeing a $200 piece of eyewear. However, with Oakley, you’re getting more than meets the eye. It all starts with the lens. New from Oakley is their Prizm lens technology. Available in several sport specific tints including road, trail, snow and more. Prizm is a lens technology that acts as a light filter, to enhance the world around you. It creates contrast and detail that will allow you to see things in a new way. Take, for example, the Prizm trail lens.

Imagine you’re riding your favorite trail in Bend. Rocks and roots litter the loose dusty surface of the trail, camouflaged by the dirt. Add in the Prizm trail lens, and all of the sudden… everything pops. Your line is now clear as day, you can see all the textures of the trail, and the place you want to put your tire. All the obstacles suddenly pop out at you making them much easier to avoid, or hit, depending on your style. Allowing you to seamlessly transition in and out of tree cover in most conditions without affecting your sight. Improving depth perception so you can make decisions well before you need to. That’s the Prizm difference.


And that’s not where the technology stops. Aside from providing a high definition visual experience, Oakley lens feature impact protection and block 100% UVA, UVB, UVC & harmful violet-blue light up to 400nm. They feature impact protection, to keep things out when you’re flying through the woods, or making a “sudden stop”. Remember that Unobtanium material first used in moto grips? It is still used today in Oakley eyewear frames in the earsocks and nose pieces. It’s a hydrophilic material, meaning the more you sweat, the better it sticks to you. What’s more is many Oakley products are still manufactured right here in the USA in their space age-esq headquarters right in Foothill Ranch, California.

Still not convinced? Come SEE the Oakley difference for yourself. We even challenge you to bring your current eyewear and try them back to back. We think the difference will be clear.