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It’s not just a bike; it’s YOUR bike. 

We’re really into bikes here at Project Bike. We all ride, and we love the quest for the perfect bike, -THE- bike. Why would our customers want anything less for themselves? Sometimes it’s as simple as a great stock bike that gets a brake, bar, stem, grip, wheel or tire upgrade. And sometimes, it’s a frame-up build, where every part is consciously selected for that particular rider. Everyone has their wants and desires, whether it’s a weight target, specific performance or fit preference, aesthetics and custom-color, or a specific budget target. Whatever your New Bike Day goals are, we are here to help you achieve that goal.

Project Bike is in some ways just like a normal bike shop. We have a service department that does everything from on-the-spot repairs to scheduled services like comprehensive tune-ups, full overhauls, wheel builds, and bike fitting. We also have a large rental and demo fleet, and plenty of supporting hard goods and soft goods to make every ride a good one. And if stock builds are more of what you are looking for, we happen to do that too.

Regardless of what you are after, we help select and build person-specific bikes.


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Build a Bike Perfect for you!

We always strive to build the perfect bike for our customers. If you have questions about your dream build, contact us and let’s start your journey to NEW BIKE DAY.